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Welcome to Green Shoots Day Nursery

Green Shoots Day Nursery is a workers’ co-operative, dedicated to providing high quality early years education and care. Our team includes highly trained, very experienced staff who have worked in many different local authority settings.

Our team consists of nursery nurses and early years practitioners. Between us we have several decades of experience, including experience at senior management level running Children’s Centres. All our staff have a paediatric first aid certificate, and have had training in nutrition, food hygiene and safeguarding children.

The core team are directors of the co-operative, and all staff here may join it, so our levels of commitment are high. We will not experience the high staff turnover which afflicts many private nurseries and has such an unsettling effect on the children.

We operate a key worker system, so that your child will have one person responsible for their welfare and learning, as well as being the main liaison point for you. However, as we work shifts we can’t all be here all the time – but as a small, family-run setting, we all know the children so well, that anyone else would be able to answer any queries you might have.

We require an admission fee of £100 which is not refundable. Our fees are £65 for a full day, £33 for half a day, and £35 for half a day if your child stays for lunch as well. Full time care is £1408 per calendar month. There is a discount of £5 a day (or £2.50 for half a day) each for siblings. Fees are payable during holiday times, nursery closures or if your child is ill. We are open for 48 weeks a year (we close for a week at Christmas, a week at Easter, and two weeks at the end of August). Fees are payable 1st of each month in advance. We provide the funded fifteen hours entitlement for three year olds, (and some two year olds) and the thirty hours for eligible children, please ask us for details. We provide a limited number of term-time only places.

All meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and mid-afternoon snacks) are provided. If your child is still on formula milk, you will need to provide this . We can store breast milk if your child will take it from a bottle or training beaker.

All you need to provide are nappies, wipes and a change of clothing in case of accidents. If your child won’t go to sleep without their favourite teddy or cloth, you can bring that in, too!

Contact us on 0207 582 3133 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Philosophy and Aims

We value and care for the community we live in and the planet we live on, and we value and care for the children who will inherit both.

Children are born with a natural and compelling curiosity about themselves and the world they live in. Education is a continuous process from birth and is supported by the home, the community and the nursery. We believe that children learn best through a curriculum based on play and a language-rich environment, with well planned, meaningful hands–on learning experiences.

We endeavour to ensure that the early years’ curriculum encompasses everything experienced by children during their time with us, in order to challenge and extend their knowledge and understanding of the world. This is delivered through play and talk using both the inside and outside learning environments.

We work in partnership with parents and carers to achieve a common goal of assisting all children to develop:

  • Towards their full potential in a happy child–orientated and secure learning environment
  • Lively enquiring minds, with a love of learning
  • The ability to question and think for themselves
  • The ability to express their thoughts and feelings
  • Qualities of feeling, imagination and a sense of beauty
  • Self-respect, confidence, and an awareness of and sensitivity to the needs, beliefs, attitudes and values of others
  • The ability to celebrate and value their own and others’ endeavours and achievements
  • The ability to work independently and with others
  • The knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to grow physically, spiritually and morally, contributing positively to a rapidly-changing world

We aim to achieve this through:

  • Providing equality of opportunity for everyone at our nursery regardless of race, class, gender, special educational needs, religion, sexual orientation, culture, disability or ability.
  • Inclusion of all children, in a purposeful, safe, happy, stimulating and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Providing the highest standards of education through a board and balanced curriculum delivered by skilled and experienced early years practitioners.
  • Encouraging partnership between children, staff, and parents and careers and also links with the wider community.

We also aim to make our practice as low-carbon as possible, in order that the children in our care can grow up on a habitable planet. Some of our strategies include:


  • Not providing meat in nursery meals.
  • Providing organically grown food, where possible.
  • Using green nappy systems, and encouraging parents to do the same.
  • Recycling conventional nappies, if used
  • Recycling as much of our waste as possible
  • Purchasing recycled equipment

Our Locations

Greenshoots Day Nursery Ltd.
55 Palfrey Place, London,
England, SW8 1AR,
United Kingdom

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